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15 Healthy Foods that are Just Perfect for Women Approaching Menopause

Several plates of food
By Augustine Mbam - June 25, 2024 - 5 Mins Read
Several plates of food
Great healthy food | Dan Gold/Unsplash

Navigating menopause can be just as challenging as dealing with a full menstrual cycle or even more so.

During this time, the body undergoes significant hormonal changes that can impact a woman's health if she isn't adequately prepared, both medically and nutritionally.

Making the right dietary choices plays a crucial role in managing symptoms and maintaining overall health during menopause.

To help you through this phase, we've put together a list of 15 everyday healthy foods that can make a meaningful difference.

From dairy products to wholesome protein and carbohydrate options, these foods can help you embrace a healthier lifestyle in midlife.



A transparent cup half filled with black tea

Black tea | Konstantin Evdokimov/Unsplash


Tea is good, black tea is great, gives a soothing effect after a long day or prepares you for a busy day ahead. Every woman needs a collection in their kitchen. It contains caffeine, theaflavins and catechins which prevents cell damage 


- Reduces inflammation and protects cells from damage with antioxidants like theaflavins and catechins

- Provides a mild energy boost with caffeine

- Supports cardiovascular health by promoting healthy cholesterol levels and improving blood vessel function