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Dealing with mental health is challenging in itself and becomes even more difficult when you are working from home. We will go through some of the challenges while dealing with mental health that is commonly observed.

According to a report released by the Office Of National Statistics in July 2022, over 2.5 million adults are unable to work due to adult health problems in the UK... Adult health problems have conti

Colleges around Massachusetts are now mandating students to get at least one shot of covid vaccine to participate in the 2022/2023 session. The updated bivalent booster became available in early Sept

Although vitamins are a major part of the body's supplements, new research shows that it has little or no use for Covid-19. A trial test by professionals showed that adults between the age of 16 and


A diet can only work if you follow it properly, and intermittent fasting is one such diet that needs a lot of dedication. Intermittent fasting has changed many people's lives. It has taught people mindful eating. It is an effective diet but needs to be done with discipline.

A 100-year-old American neurologist known as Howard Tucker has been practicing medicine since 1947 and Shares five major tips on how he has been able to live a long healthy life.

Every child loves free play time. Where there are no rules and guidelines, they can play however they want in a safe space. That is what unstructured playtime is all about.

Source: Unsplash The word keto is ruling the lifestyle of many. Most adults are into a keto diet to lose weight and get fit. Well, does keto have that power?  Keto has the power and is effective, but


It is easy to say you will quit drinking soda, but it is extremely hard to keep to such words. Especially if you don't have an alternative to sodas, dropping that habit will be unnecessarily difficult

There's a tree that broke the internet because of how deadly it is; taking a single bite from the tree can kill you immediately, and touching its sap or leaves can leave you with terrible blisters. I

Although vitamins are a major part of the body's supplements, new research shows that it has little or no use for Covid-19. A trial test by professionals showed that adults between the age of 16 and

Many of us learned early on that veggies are incredibly nutritious and that we should consume at least five serves daily. However, according to the most recent Australian Institute of Health and Welf

Family & Pregnancy

Postpartum depression is mostly suffered by mothers after childbirth due to hormonal changes. The risk of this in women can cause high-low mood swings, fatigue, anxiety and inability to take care of her small child, emotional changes, feeling depressed kind of symptoms. 

If you are unable to locate Plan B or another technique right away, learn how to use additional birth control pills for emergency contraception. Following unprotected intercourse, you can immediately

According to Australian scientists who created it, a nanotech imaging gadget that is small enough to fit on a smartphone camera lens has the potential to make the detection of specific diseases access

Every parent has experienced this scenario: the bread is cut the wrong way, the water is in a blue cup when it should be a red one, and now your child is acting up. According to parenting expert Just


Source: Unsplash Sleep deprivation. The word itself sounds haunting. It is one of the biggest problems for every new parent. Waking up a hundred times to feed your baby, soothing them back to sleep w

What Is Sleep Deprivation? Sleep deprivation results from the quantity ( not getting enough ) or quality ( sleeping at the wrong time of the day ) of sleep the human body gets. When Should A Teenager

The Quiet Room built by Microsoft breaks the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most quiet room in 2015. The anechoic chamber at Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, Washington, USA had been compare

First, you are not the only person that has been experiencing the problem of morning headaches. In fact, a new study by professionals shows that 1 out of every 13 people experiences medium to severe h