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Health Revelation Unveiled: Unleash Your Potential with Magnesium Supplements!

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
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Magnesium is one of the most important minerals that your body requires to function well with its muscles and the nervous system. There are almost 300 biochemical reactions taking place in our body which include magnesium.


You consume magnesium when you eat various foods which are rich in magnesium but you may consider taking supplements rich in magnesium to avoid deficiency.

Types Of Magnesium Supplements 


Magnesium supplements come in various types varying based on their absorption rate. Magnesium chloride, magnesium glycinate, and magnesium oxide are some of the different types of magnesium supplements.


Different magnesium types are popular for different characteristics magnesium citrate is well known for helping bowel movements, magnesium oxides are famous for their affordable price and mainly come in antacids, and magnesium glycinate may help you to sleep better and helps in digestion.

Dosage Recommendations 


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Magnesium in the end is a supplement that you may not be able to consume naturally. You will be consuming it either in the form of medicine, creams, gel, etc. So, now you need to know and be aware of the dosage requirements you should follow in your everyday routine.


According to the National Institute of Health below is the table of recommended dosage amounts you can follow according to your age. 





Birth to 6 months

30 mg

30 mg

7-12 months

75 mg

75 mg

1-3 years

80 mg

80 mg

4-8 years

130 mg

130 mg

9-13 years

240 mg

240 mg

14-18 years

410 mg

360 mg

19-30 years

400 mg

310 mg

31-50 years

420 mg

320 mg

51+ years 

420 mg

320 mg


Advantages Of Magnesium Supplements


Below are some of the main advantages of magnesium supplements:

  1. Promoting Better Sleep


By taking magnesium supplements you can sleep well and in fact, the quality of sleep and relaxation also increases by supplying your body with a perfect amount of magnesium.


  1. Supporting Bone Health


Magnesium is the key ingredient to keep your bones active and healthy. Most bone diseases and weakening happen due to a deficiency of magnesium.


  1. Reduces Anxiety


Proper intake of magnesium reduces the stress or anxiety that you might be facing and eventually helps in keeping you happy and stress-free all the time.


Disadvantages Of Magnesium Supplements 

There might be some disadvantages too while taking magnesium supplements.

  1. Digestive Issues


If you end up taking higher doses of magnesium supplements, it eventually leads to digestive problems such as diarrhea and also it may make you nauseous.


  1. Interactions With Medications 


You may be taking other medicines regularly. Magnesium supplements may interact or collide with other medicines and may react negatively or may neutralize the effectiveness of these medicines.

  1. Overdose Risk


All human bodies are different. It is possible that your body may not be able to absorb the ideal amount of magnesium supplements that are suggested. In cases like this, you might end up overdosing yourself with these supplements leading to chronic heart disease and many more.



In the end, if you take magnesium supplements according to the prescribed amount and be very careful about not overdosing then you should definitely consume these supplements as it is very important for the working of your bones and neural functions.