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Why Vitamin D Supplements Can't Reduce COVID-19 Risk

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Although vitamins are a major part of the body's supplements, new research shows that it has little or no use for Covid-19.   A trial test by professionals showed that adults between the age of 16 and above who took oral vitamin D supplements were not protected against Covid-19.   Further research also revealed that the vitamin supplement didn't prevent those adults from catching other acute respiratory tract issues.    This trial was conducted from December 2020 through June 2021 in the United Kingdom, with over 6,200 people participating in the test. About half of the participants in this research also allowed the facilitators to run a vitamin D blood test.    The test result showed that 86% of those who participated had suboptimal vitamin D levels and received IU/d of vitamin D supplements ranging from 800 to 3200 IU/d for six months.    More information on the results showed that the vitamin D supplements administered to the volunteers had little effect on their disease prevention rate.    Out of the 5.7% of those who took a lower dose of the vitamin D supplement, they had at least one acute respiratory problem, 5% of those who took a higher dosage of the supplements, and 4.6% of those in the control group had one acute respiratory tract infection.    For the Covid-19 cases, about 178 people who participated in the test contracted Covid-19. 3.6% of them were those who took lower doses of the vitamin D supplement, 3% were among those who took higher doses, and 2.6% were from the control group.    From the conclusion drawn by the medical professionals involved in the test, taking vitamin D supplements is not the preferred Covid-19 treatment. They shared more details, saying that the Covid cure is far from those supplements.    Apart from the vitamin D supplements that were used for the trial of Covid-19 treatment and prevention of risks, the cod liver was also used for similar research. 

Cod Liver Oil Can't Prevent Covid-19 

Like vitamin D supplements, research on cod liver oil shows that the material isn't suitable for the Covid cure or treatment.    The result of this research was shared by The BMJ, which showed that cod liver oil also contained a small amount of vitamin D, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids.  Unlike the vitamin D supplement test, more people participated in this cod liver oil research. About 35,000 adults from Norway volunteered to participate in the test.    To participate in the test, those who volunteered had to take either 5 ml of cod liver oil or 5 ml of placebo daily for a period of 6 months. The medical professionals who conducted the test said that the participants had good vitamin D levels before starting the study.    This particular cod liver oil study occurred from November 2020 to June 2021 and yielded quite disappointing results.  The result showed that despite the combination of cod liver oil and vitamins D and A, the cod liver oil had no major effect on Covid-19 and respiratory tract infections.