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The Power of Dreams: Decoding the Messages Your Brain Sends While You Sleep

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read

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All of us dream and sometimes wonder what we even dream about. Some dreams we remember, and others seem like a blur. There are good and bad dreams. There are various types of dreams that most of us do not know about. 

Let us understand the different kinds of dreams and what they mean. 

What Is a Dream?

Let us understand what a dream is. A dream is a relay of emotions, images, or sensations the brain produces while asleep. 

An individual can have various dreams per sleep, and what is surprising is that most of them feel like they have only one dream. A dream can last up to 45 minutes or can be as short as 6-10 seconds. 

The Types

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These are fear-induced dreams. It is a way your brain processes life's daily stress and tensions. People have nightmares due to illness, sleep disorders, medication, poor eating routines, or a traumatic past. 

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams are where you are aware that you are dreaming and can retain a little control over your body and thoughts within your dream. 

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are dreams that have the same imagery or sensations. Sometimes they can be similar. Some theories suggest that these dreams result from internalized fears or unresolved issues. 

False-awakening dreams

In this type of dream, you feel like you have woken up but are still in the middle of your dream. These dreams overlap with sleep and wakefulness. 


Daydreaming is the process of becoming less aware of your surroundings. These are thoughts that take distract you from the present. Daydreams, as the name suggests, occur when you are awake. These include escapism, fantasy, visualization, and rumination. 

Prophetic Dreams

In these dreams, you can see your future events take place even before they happen in real. 

Dreams Themes and Their Meaning

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There are common themes in dreams, and each one has a meaning. 


It means a transformation is occurring in your life, or you are grieving.


It indicates a sense of control, power, or liberation. You are gaining a greater perspective on things. It also means longingness to escape from responsibilities. 


If you are arguing in your dreams, it indicted an unresolved issue or a decision that needs more thinking.


It is a reflection of relationship issues. Mostly the issues surround trust and communication. 

Being Chased

Indicated you are struggling with something and you are running away from it. 

Teeth Falling

Mostly related to anxiety. It also means you are unsure about a person or an event in your life. 


It indicates repressed emotions, overwhelmed feelings, or physical issues with breathing while sleeping. 


It is associated with exposed vulnerability and anxiety. 

Each dream has a purpose and a deep meaning. Almost all dreams are related to your life and our subconscious thinking.