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Surviving Sleepless Nights: Tips for Coping with Newborn Sleep Deprivation

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By Josh Piers - - 5 Mins Read

Source: Unsplash   Sleep deprivation. The word itself sounds haunting. It is one of the biggest problems for every new parent. Waking up a hundred times to feed your baby, soothing them back to sleep when they get fussy, and not forgetting diaper changes. These are just a few reasons for sleep deprivation.    With a newborn, you will have to wake up every now and then for reasons you might not even anticipate.    It is common to think to yourself if there is any way of getting through the night without waking up multiple times and experiencing a good night's sleep.   

How to Survive the Night?

Source: Unsplash   Surviving the night does sound like a big battle. Trust me; you can do it with these tips. 
  1. Get to Bed Early

  You might wonder, how can I go to bed early with so much work around the house and a newborn? Well, getting to bed early is the best way to cope with newborn sleep deprivation.  Create a bedtime routine.    Read a book, take a warm shower, turn off your gadgets, and get your room cozy. 
  1. Nap with Your Baby

You might think that you can finish your chores peacefully now that your baby is asleep. Instead of finishing your work, nap with your baby and catch up on your sleep.    You can sleep till your baby wakes up or set the alarm to wake up before. 
  1. 50-50 Work with Your Partner

Share your work with your partner. Since you will have to breastfeed in the middle of the night, your partner can change diapers or wake up early with your baby. In this way, you can sleep for longer.    You can also pump a bottle of breastmilk for the night. Go to bed with your baby, and when they wake up for the first time for feeding, your partner can feed the bottle. You will be able to get a few hours of proper sleep without waking up in between.    
  1. Don’t Hesitate, Ask for Help

  Everyone knows life can be hectic in the initial days after delivering a baby. If they are offering you help. Accept it.    If you’re a single parent, do not hesitate to accept or ask for help. You can nap for a while in the afternoon while your friends or family look after your baby.    Every bit of help will help you cope with newborn sleep deprivation.   
  1. Feeling Sleepy? Sleep

  If you are feeling sleepy in the afternoon, do not substitute it with caffeine. Taking a short nap is better than drinking coffee throughout the day. A 20-minute nap can make so much difference.   

Now You Know What to Do

Now that you know what you can do to cope with sleep deprivation after welcoming a newborn. Do not compromise on your sleep, as it can lead to health problems. Get the sleep you need and survive the first few months with your newborn without being sleep deprived.