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This Berry Has Everything You Need to Fight Acne

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
A basket full of strawberries
Strawberries | Anastasia Zhenina/Unsplash

Strawberries Are The New Acne Treatment Hack - Here Is Why 

Strawberries may not have a “sweet” tangy taste but they do have an appealing aesthetic that could also transform your skin from 0 to 100, helping you get rid of stubborn acne in the process. This staple fruit commonly found in many UK supermarkets contains surprising health benefits you  wouldn't believe! 

Popular for its anti-inflammatory properties, these red berries are rich in vitamin C, contains 0.5g protein, 0.4g fat, 4.9g carbohydrate / 26 kcal, 13.0g fiber, minerals(136mg potassium, 49 mcg folate and manganese), and antioxidants. A health website recommends that incorporating strawberries into a diet will reduce the inflammation caused by acne due to its high vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties. 

According to the NHS, adults from the age of 19 need about 40 mg of vitamin C daily and 80g of strawberry in a daily diet will give you up to 46 mg of vitamin C. A research also showed that the sodium ascorbyl phosphate gotten from strawberries might be able to eliminate face acne.

Apparently strawberry leaves also improve skin health when incorporated creatively, as it contains many of the nutritive components that can be found in the fruit too. You need to start paying attention to these low calorie red berries that are a great snacking option if you haven't started already. The health benefits will blow your mind!

As studies continue to prove the many health benefits of strawberries, it is still advised that you consult a doctor if you currently experience acne or other skin problems and let them know you consider using strawberries. 

Other Health Benefits Of Strawberries You Probably Didn't Know About

Asides being the ideal natural option for an aesthetic, healthy skin, strawberries have other mind blowing health benefits that would do your body a lot of good! 

  1. Low Risk Of Chronic Diseases 

Due to its antioxidant nature, oxidative stress is reduced in the body and this helps to prevent tissue damage, thereby reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases that may affect your health and reduce lifespan. 


  1. Boosts Immune System

Did you know a cup of strawberries will give you 100% of the vitamin C your body needs? Researchers say that vitamin C promotes the white blood cells and this helps to fight off viruses or bacteria that cause illness,  thereby boosting your immune system. 


  1. Supports Heart Health

A study revealed that women who ate more than three servings of strawberries in a week had lesser chances of a heart attack compared to women who never eat it or seldomly do. This is because the antioxidants in strawberries support heart health .


  1. Reduces Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes.

People who snack on low sugar food and fruits like strawberries have nothing to worry about their blood sugar or a risk of type-2 diabetes. A cup of strawberries produces only about 7g of natural sugar and that's ridiculously low compared to the unhealthy amount of junk you would find on the shelves of your favorite supermarket.  


  1. Low Risk Of Cancerous Cells

Again, the antioxidant property of strawberry also helps to fortify the body against cancerous cells, thereby reducing the risk of cancer. 

Although strawberries are generally a healthy food option with numerous benefits it can provide for your body, it is still important to go easy on the dried ones as it contains added sweeteners that increase their sugar content.

Fun Ways To Incorporate Strawberry Into Your Diet

These juicy red berries are best consumed freshly now in its best season (June - July). And even if the frozen option is what you can afford, you still won’t be missing out on any of the amazing nutrients it contains.


Here are a few ways to start enjoying your strawberry;

  • Smoothie blend
  • Slices of strawberries on toasts
  • With muffins & pancakes
  • Oat meals
  • Healthy cuts in Greek yoghourt bowls
  • Recipe for homemade jam
  • Salads


Strawberries are healthy fruits with amazing health benefits that can do your skin and body a whole a lot of good. It can be enjoyed plainly or with other food options, freshly or frozen. You need to start considering them in your kitchen.