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If You're Doing These Five Things, You Could Lose Your Eyesight

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
The human eyes are a very important part of our body; just like any other body part, we must take good care of them. Eyes are delicate and can easily be affected when one isn’t too careful. In such scenarios, the risk of perpetual blindness cannot be overruled.   The 13th of October every year is World Sight Day, and it is a day when people are urged to take greater responsibility for their eyesight. This year's World Sight Day focuses on South East Asia, as more than 30% of the visually impaired live in that region.    The World Health Organization has urged countries within the region of South East Asia to increase their efforts to reduce the rate of visual impairment in the region. To battle the negative stat and accelerate progress, the WHO is taking on several approaches, including implementing the Regional Action Plan for integrated people-centered eye care. They also encourage member states to strengthen the eye care workforce and boost community engagement. However, the care for the eyes doesn’t start with the WHO. On a personal level, it is encouraged to stic k to the best practices to protect our valuable eyesight. If you work in an environment with extreme heat, hot liquids, chemicals, and bright lights, you have to be extra careful. The America Optometric Association pointed out professions that pose high risks of eye injuries include construction, welding, auto repair, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and mining.    If you work under any of these industries or work within the abovementioned environments, below are some of the activities that can cause loss of eyesight if you engage in them.

Exposure to Dust 

Dust is the major challenge that workers face in their work environment and is sometimes overlooked.   To prevent blindness, we need to control the dust in contact with our eyes.    Dust can significantly damage the eyes, and dust from workplaces usually contains more harmful substances.    For those who work in construction and mining sites, dust may contain chemicals that may contribute to loss of eyesight. To prevent situations like this, you should wear safety glasses whenever you are at your workplace.

Exposure to Flying Objects 

Grinding, hammering, chiseling, chipping, and many other activities workers engage in that may be harmful.    As we celebrate World Sight Day, we must note how we expose ourselves to flying objects, especially at workplaces.    Wood fragments, metal, and cement can really lead to severe eye problems if it hits the eye.    In the bid to learn how to have good eyesight, we should always prevent flying objects from getting near our eyes.

Exposure to Chemicals 

Chemicals is a leading cause of instant eye loss, especially for those working in chemical factories and laboratories.    When the eyes have direct contact with chemicals, the damage can be irreversible, leading to severe pain.    Talking of chemicals, it is not only those we see at the workplace that can severely affect the eyes. Some of the basic substances we use contain chemicals that can damage our eyes.    In the celebration of 2022, we should reflect on how to have good eyesight by avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals.

Exposure to Optical Radiation 

To prevent blindness, we should prevent unprotected exposure to optical radiation. Optical radiation contains UV rays which are very harmful to the eyes.    When exposed to activities such as welding, make use of protective goggles to avoid the radiation affecting your eyes.

Exposure to Penetrative Tools

At the workplace and home, penetrative tools such as knives and needles should not be kept near the eyes as they can cause irreparable damage to your eyes.  In celebrating World Sight Day 2022, remember to spread the news of the activities which can lead to eyesight loss.