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From Delivery to Recovery: A New Mother's Guide to Post-Pregnancy Care

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
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After you give birth to a child you enter a period called the postmortem period. It lasts for about 6 months after the birth of your baby or till the time you regain your pre-pregnancy self. 


It is very important for you to take care of yourself with the baby as your body mentally and physically goes through some irreversible changes which you need to adjust to.


10 Things You Should Do To Take Care of Yourself After Giving Birth







  1. Rest And Sleep


After giving birth to a child, you as a mother also need the same amount of rest and sleep as your child. Initially, you should try to sleep for all the times your baby is sleeping. This way your body will heal fast and a good amount of rest will smoothen the recovery of your body post-pregnancy.


  1. Healthy Diet


You should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to supplement your body with proper nutrition and help in a fast recovery. 


Post-pregnancy your body needs proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to regain energy. So, you should have a balanced and healthy diet at least till your baby turns 6 months old.


  1. Gentle Exercise


Post-pregnancy, you suffer a lot physically. Your body might not move properly, you might find yourself sleeping most of the time. You should start exercising after some days after the baby’s birth. You should stretch a little and maybe do yoga. You should definitely consult a doctor before you start exercising.


In addition, you should do kegel exercises. Kegel exercise helps you to floor muscles or pelvic muscles. It helps you to put back your vagina and bowel movements to the way they were before giving birth to the child. You should definitely practice it post-pregnancy.

  1. Hygiene 


It is very important to stay hygienic after you give birth to a child. Your child will be staying near to you the most, so, for its well-being and health you have to be hygienic. You should wash your body regularly and wear fresh clothes every day. It will also make you feel better emotionally and less clumsy and comfortable.


  1. Avoid Stress


Post-pregnancy, you may go through a lot of hormonal changes. Due to these changes you may sometimes overthink and stress a bit. You should avoid doing that. If you are feeling too stressed you should seek help from somebody or look for emotional support.


Being stressed may also affect your breastfeeding. There may be not enough production of milk for your babies to such which may become an obstacle in your recovery post-pregnancy.







Source: Pexels


With taking care of your babies, after giving birth you should definitely look after yourselves and your baby too. You should exercise gently to keep your body healthy physically and be around people who can give you emotional support and keep you healthy mentally.


Post-pregnancy, you should not be thinking about any other problem or about anyone else other than yourself and your baby. You should spend a lot of time with your baby and try to be happy.