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5 Quick Morning Exercises to do if You're Running Out of Time

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Our health is very important, and the average person always aspires to stay healthy. However, due to work and other commitments, we usually run out of ideas for quick exercises that can keep us healthy.    I'm sure you would like to go to work early while still maintaining your workout routine. But the big question is, what exercises can fit into my morning routine?    This article will discuss some of the best morning exercises that can keep you healthy and punctual for your job. 
  • Warmups 
Warmups are one of the most underrated quick morning exercises. This particular exercise can be as simple as squats, low impact bodyweight exercises.  You can move your hips, glutes, core, and other parts of the morning for warmups, and you will be okay. A New York trainer and founder of a fitness company, Anthony Crouchelli, supports this explanation.    According to experts, quick morning exercises like warmups are even applied to other areas of sports, such as football and athletics. Besides improving your physique, it helps improve your nervous system, especially the brain-body connection
  • Push-ups 
Almost every adult knows about pushups; it is one of the best exercises for someone with a busy schedule. Having a count of 10 - 20  every morning during push-ups can do wonders for your body. You can increase the number if you have more time or during vacations and holidays. 
  • Yoga
Yoga is simple yet one of the best morning exercises. It is primarily a low-impact exercise that focuses on helping you control your breathing and mental capacity.  It is widely accepted and recommended by many trainers because of its efficiency. It makes anyone who participates in it to be more alert and focused.    It is advised to be adopted by those who usually have little time in the morning as it does not involve much output. 
  • Mobility Exercises 
Simple movement around your environment is not recognized enough as one of the quick morning exercises anyone can participate in.  Although people overlook this, a simple walk around your environment can help warm your body.    For someone who might not have enough time in the morning, 10 to 20 minutes might be enough to carry out this quick activity.    You can move your hips, shoulders, wrists, and other body parts for more details during this exercise. If you have more time, mobility exercises can also help you prepare for more rigorous workouts. 
  • Low-key Cardio 
Examples of exercises classified as low-key cardio are biking, swimming, etc.  For this article, let us use biking as an instance.    Biking is an activity you can do either in your small room or on the road. We have stationary and moving bikes.    Whichever one you choose, riding a bike is an excellent way to exercise your body in the morning. For someone with a busy schedule, 10 to 20 minutes is enough for this exercise.    Conclusion  Exercises are very important to the body as it helps to keep us healthy and prevent unnecessary illness.  However, one might not have the time to engage in rigorous exercises every morning. The 5 exercises listed above can be done in a short time; most of them will help you burn calories if you take as low as 10 minutes to do them.