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5 Healthy Soda Alternatives and How They Can Improve Your Health

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
It is easy to say you will quit drinking soda, but it is extremely hard to keep to such words. Especially if you don't have an alternative to sodas, dropping that habit will be unnecessarily difficult. Without soda alternatives being handy, you immediately hear the hissing sound of soda, and you will be immediately attracted to it.    But when there are alternatives, you can channel your love for soda into its equivalent. These alternatives are very healthy, unlike soda which causes several short and long-term health deficiencies in the body.    Taking soda is like taking about 6 to 8 spoonfuls of sugar into the body. Imagine taking more than 2 bottles of soda; that's how bad it can be. Below, you will learn about several healthy drinks serving as soda alternatives.   

Flavored Water 

Stopping the habit of drinking soda can put one in a tricky situation; the moment you hear a bottle opening, the taste of your favorite soda fills your taste buds. However, there are better ways to satisfy your cravings without pushing several spoonfuls of sugar into your body. Have you considered flavored water?    Flavored water is one of the soda alternatives that are both healthy and tasty. Talking of flavored water, it is not filled with a handful of artificial flavors. We are talking about those flavored with natural flavors such as lemonade, strawberry, and even raspberries.    When water is added with such flavors, they give out a very good taste. Also, you don't have to worry about stuffing sugars into your body; flavored water is one of the best healthy drinks to replace soda.   


Many people detest coffee, while others love taking them. However, it remains a fact that when taken in moderation, coffee can serve as one of the best soda alternatives you can ever come across. Note that the keyword here is moderation; this means that coffee, when taken in excess, can still be very dangerous for your body.    Many medical personalities and organizations have confirmed the benefits of taking coffee in moderation. Also, coffee should be taken the right way. Most people, while drinking coffee pour as much sugar and cream as possible into their cup of coffee; this is the wrong way of taking coffee. If you are doing this, you are doing yourself more harm than good.    According to registered dietitian Torey Armul, MS, RDN, LD, coffee, when taken in moderation,, even helps reduce the chance of getting some types of cancer and even depression. He also mentioned that coffee helps protect one against DNA damage and improves concentration.   

Fruit-infused water

Although similar to flavored water, fruit-infused water is quite different from it. The major similarity one can find between these two is that they all serve as great soda alternatives. Fruit-infused water is a very natural and healthy drink as they come from natural sources.    Talking about fruit-infused water, you can take fruits mainly made up of water, such as watermelon, cucumber, oranges, or berries. Or, you can make a little bit of natural fruit juice, while adding water. These alternatives can quench your thirst and stop you from taking unhealthy sodas. Especially if you don't like the taste of plain water, this can be a great alternative for you.   


Kombucha is a healthy drink only known by those who have been drinking healthy liquids for a long time. This kind of tea is very healthy and can serve as a special soda alternative for anyone who wants to quit the habit. It is a fermented tea with the same bubbles you find in a soda; you can even trick your mind into believing it is the soda you are drinking. Many medical personalities have recommended this drink for those who want to quit drinking soda.   New York City nutritionist Amy Shapiro, RD, listed several advantages people can get from drinking Kombucha. According to her, this particular drink helps those who want to improve their digestion and boost their immune system. One should note that, unlike Kombucha, sodas make one's immune system vulnerable to diseases such as cancer and it can be dangerous to the digestive system. Trying out Kombucha might be a game-changer for anyone.   

Iced and Hot Tea 

Iced and hot tea are different drinks, but they are healthy enough to substitute unhealthy sodas. What Coca-Cola and Pepsi won't tell you is the effects of the sugars that are contained in their soft drinks. Iced tea is a tea devoid of sugar, so it might be very sweet, like many other soda alternatives mentioned above. However, the wonders it can work on the body make it a great alternative for healthy drinks to replace your soda with.    Hot tea is quite different from iced tea as it can be a little sweet using natural ingredients. According to many medical experts, hot tea is similar to coffee as they share almost the same health benefits. Some of the benefits of hot tea are that it can help to improve digestion in the body and it can also help to protect the immune system. Some examples of hot tea that one can choose from are green tea, peppermint, and chai.