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100-Year-Old Doctor Shares Tips for Healthy Long Life

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read

A 100-year-old American neurologist known as Howard Tucker has been practicing medicine since 1947 and Shares five major tips on how he has been able to live a long healthy life. 

Dr. Howard Tucker bagged his law degree and also passed the Ohio Bar Exam while in his late 60s, he served as chief of neurology of the Atlantic fleet during the Korean War, and Dr. Tucker is also recognized by Guinness World Records GWR as the current oldest practicing doctor.

Dr. Howard said: Being a 100-year-old still practicing medical doctor and neurologist, most patients frequently ask me for tips on how they can stay healthy and mentally sharp. Having good genes can earn you more luck however, here are some of the rules I have lived by over the past years;

I Make Good Use Of My Knowledge.

I have practiced neurology for over seven decades and I’ve witnessed medicine expand from lobotomies to the latest computerized imaging techniques. I teach my medical students and I also make good use of this knowledge. I'm also participating in the upcoming documentary about my life. It’s been a pleasure to share decks from my long career with the next generation 

I Said No To Smoking

I once attended a medical meeting where doctors hang cigarettes dangling from their mouths and encourage patients to take up smoking saying it would “curb their appetite and quiet their nerves.” But we all know Smoking cigarettes leads to stroke, Cancer, coronary artery disease,  peripheral artery disease, and other pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

According to CNBC Dr. Howard almost indulged in smoking When "When I was in high school I told my father that I would like to embrace smoking but his reply took the excitement out of me. He said, “That’s alright, But why would I want to put anything but fresh air into my lungs when life is so short as it is?” and that marked the end of my interest and excitement for tobacco. 

I Do Not Get Out Of Shape 

I exercise a lot, I  do Swimming, hiking, jogging, and skiing. I do this a lot into my late-80s and it has kept me strong and healthy up till now.

When I do not exercise, I try to get in at least three miles on my treadmill at a brisk pace most days of the week. Research has discovered that a simple 15-minute walk outside could reduce your risk of premature death by almost 25 percent.

Dr Howard Tucker exercising with a baseball

I Practice Moderation

The real secret to a long life is "moderation" Moderation helps us to live life to the fullest at the same time keeping us from going overboard and crashing our health in the process.

I take New York strip steak and martini occasionally, but not every time. My wife, Sara is a wonderful chef, and she’s assisted me to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. We enjoy greens and have a salad with every meal.

I Don't Work Till I Get Tired 

I’ve worked for more than 75 years, and all along the pandemic, I treated patients up to five or six days a week. I try as much not to overwork and tire myself out, also, If you have a career you enjoy then you're blessed.